Square Meal

October 2018
Collaboration with Francesca Anfossi, Paulina Michnowska, Anne Ryan, and Laura White 
for Art Licks Weekend

glazed stoneware tables

On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of October Rochester Square organised two-day breakfast for the Art Licks Weekend 2018.

Five artists and friends from Rocherster Square communal studio collaborated and fed 40 guests with a unique and delicious breakfast where plates, tables, cups, jugs, food and drinks were all specially made.

Each artist made a unique limited ceramic edition for the breakfast suitable for each food and drinks. Guests were able to experience and purchased their favourite item at the end. Interactions between the guests and the utensils inevitably result in performative, discursive, social, architectural, playful and aesthetic actions.

Square Meal was an opportunity to get together, eat, experiment and experience the ceramic studio.

Text by Francesca Anfossi
photography by Marta Fernàndez Canut

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